The Defence Fund is to be welcomed

Aktuality   |  08.06. 2017

Yesterday’s suggestion of the European Commission about the future of European Defence Policy, has triggered the following remarks by MEP Tomáš Zdechovský, Member of the Budget and Budget Control Committees in the European Parliament:  

“In view of the strategically instable situation in our neighbourhood, Europe has to start producing stability, instead of solely consuming it in large amounts. Therefore the plans of the Commission should be welcomed, in order to make the EU a safer place. The global Peace Index has rated the Czech Republic as the world’s sixth safest place to live and I believe we Czechs could help export some of our knowledge to this plan.

Today’s defence and security spending of all EU Member States is half as high as that of the USA, but solely reach 15% of the American efficiency. Now the Member States need to act. The essential element is to place the forces of the largest EU countries in the situation that they are able to tackle the existing tasks and operate together at ease. Our soldiers have the right to receive the most modern and best equipment available. But as a Member of the Budget and Budget Control Committees, I need to warn that the Defence Fund may not lead to an end of the EU’s budgetary discipline. We cannot create more debt in the member States and should not deviate from the provisions of the stability and growth pact. Otherwise an important EU project could easily become a financial liability.

I also welcome the suggestions of the Commission to create European multinational armed forces and to gradually integrate joint European military equipment. We can only guarantee the safety of our citizens together!”