Polish man pretends to be Czech politician, uses fake passport to hit on Japanese women

Interviews   |  08.05. 2021

Tomáš Zdechovský, a member of the European parliament, has become a victim of an unusual scam. An unknown individual used his photo as well as his altered name to get intimate with Japanese women online.

Stealing someone’s identity is nothing new in the days of the internet. But what happened to Tomáš Zdechovský, a member of the European parliament, is still rather unusual.

On Thursday, May 6, he posted a photo to his Twitter account showing fake a Polish passport and driving license with his photo and slightly altered name. In addition, the fake passport’s number was 012345. 

Apparently, an unknown individual was using fake documents to flirt and get intimate with Japanese women online.

Zdechovský received a message from one of the victims who wrote it in Japanese and used automatic translation to Czech.

The message states that someone was using his documents and altered identity to exchange emails with her.  

“I’m always saying that I’ve seen it all, but to hit on girls in Japan with my photo, and to prove the identity with fake Polish driving license and passport… what is even that?” his tweet reads.

In his statement to TN.CZ, Zdechnovský said that it was not the first time something similar has happened. He claims that a few profiles on social network platforms as well as on Tinder were created using his name and pictures.

He also said that he wouldn’t report it to the police as it would be useless.

Zdechnovský is now trying to use the power of social media to raise awareness of the scammer.

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